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Credit Card Theft And Fraud Charges Defense Lawyer In NJ

Have You Been Arrested in New Jersey for Credit Card Fraud or Theft?
An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Will Make Sure You Are Treated Fairly.

Credit card theft and credit card fraud are serious criminal charges that can carry jail time if you are convicted.

If you are being falsely accused of a crime, or there is a misunderstanding as to what happened, you need a defense attorney on your side to challenge the prosecution to prove these facts, and make sure your side of the story is head.

Or, if you made a mistake in a moment of desperation or panic, that’s ok. Everyone deserves fair treatment and a second chance. I can help work out a deal you can live with, or argue for a reduction of charges, restitution, or many other possible options.

Call me for a free consultation on any credit card fraud or related fraud charges in NJ.  I’ll help you out, and let you know exactly what I think I can do to make this go away, and put this incident behind you. (888) 628-8394

What is Credit Card Theft / Credit Card Fraud?

According to New Jersey criminal law, people who have at least two credit cardsin their possession that have names other than their own can be charged with Credit Card Theft. You don’t have to use the card in that case. Credit card theft is a specific form of a theft crime that is unrelated to the “value” of the theft.

Using a card that has someone else’s name on it is also considered Credit Card Theft.

It is Credit Card Fraud to create a false credit card, to use a credit card even though the account has been closed, or to sign a credit card when the signer is not the named person on the credit card.

(Ref: New Jersey criminal law sec. 21-6)

What Are the Penalties for Credit Card Theft or Fraud in New Jersey?

Most of the charges involved with credit card fraud and theft crimes are fourth degree charges. If you are convicted of a 4th degree crime of credit card fraud/theft, you could be charged in up to 18 months in prison. Some specific elements of credit card offenses are considered third degree charges which could result in up to 5 years in prison.

The sentence you are exposed to also depends on your criminal history. The sentence is more severe if you have previously been convicted of financial crimes.

These laws are complicated to figure out by yourself. Even if you know you are facing a 3rd degree or 4th degree charge, it is impossible for the average person to understand what they are likely to be facing when sentenced by a judge.

To know exactly how much time you could receive for the crimes you are being charged with, please call me for a free consultation. I will be able to tell you after reviewing your case and your criminal history. We can also discuss the best ways of proceeding with your case to minimize the future impact a conviction might carry.

I can help! I’ve done it many times before.

Find out what I can do for you in a free New Jersey criminal defense consultation on criminal credit card, fraud, theft, or any crime you are charged with.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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