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Criminal Defense Lawyer – Fees & Costs

I know no one plans to get arrested or pulled over by the police, and you don’t have a budget for lawyer fees. So I’ll do whatever I can to work with you to come to a fair agreement about my fees.

In most of my cases, I charge a flat fee. That way there are no extra miscellaneous charges you don’t expect. And my initial consultation is always free, with no further obligation to you if you don’t want to hire me.

I’ll also accept credit cards, as well as checks and cash.

I don’t have a fees list on this page, since what I charge depends on the specifics of the case, as well as the seriousness of the charges.

To quote you my flat legal fees, I will need to discuss your case so I can understand the complexity of the situation and estimate how much work and how many court dates your case will involve.

After I’ve given you my free consultation, and I have a good understanding about your case, I will quote you a fair price. You will know exactly what I would charge you before you ever have to make a decision to hire me. And it won’t cost you a penny more than what I tell you up front.

Please call me for your free consultation today at (888) 628-8394 or contact me and I’ll get back to you.

I have fought and won cases in nearly every court in the state on a wide variety of criminal charges and indictable offenses, as well as disorderly persons charges.

I am in different New Jersey courts every day, defending my clients rights and freedom on many different criminal and traffic charges. I have the knowledge and experience to help you out of your difficult situation. Call me to find out what I can to do for you.


Matthew Reisig

(888) 628-8394 or locally at (732) 625-9660